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Wrinkley Soles Covered in Cum
Her new boss is really into feet. At first she is really apprehensive about his touching them but she really needed the job. She quickly figures out what he likes. At the end he jacks off and cums all over her smelly wrinkly soles.

Year: 2013    Length: 10 minutes       Keywords: Feet FootStink FootWorship POV Cfnm Alice AliceFrost Pantyhose-Stockings Handjob Young GirlyDommes FootJob sp154

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Training the Lazy Stepfather
Veronica can`t believe her mother married a complete loser slob. She walks in on her stepfather reading porn sitting in a filthy mess and takes control. She forces him to worship her feet and armpits, then teases his cock only to deny him.

Year: 2012    Length: 33 minutes       Keywords: Feet FootWorship BootWorship OrgasmDenial Armpits ArmpitWorship ArmpitHumiliation FootHumiliation Veronica VeronicaJett Pornstar Young Socks GirlyDommes Humiliation sp151

preview -
Pathetic Shoe Cleaner
A Princess needs her shoes cleaned properly. And if you`re good maybe Holly will let you clean her ass.

Year: 2011    Length: 3 minutes       Keywords: ShoeFetish AssWorship Young GirlyDommes Holly HollyWebster FootWorship FootHumiliation Humiliation sp150

preview -
My Cum Eating Foot Slave
Do you like these pretty little feet? Would you like to jack off and cum all over them? She might let you but there`s one catch....you have to clean up your mess when you`re done.

Year: 2011    Length: 6 minutes       Keywords: Humiliation Holly MasturbationInstruction HollyWebster Young GirlyDommes Feet POV FootWorship FootHumiliation CumEatingInstruction sp149

preview -
Put Your Cock Between My Soft Feet
Sexy Cambrey teases you with her pretty feet and toes. She gives you a countdown and lets you cover them with your cum.

Year: 2011    Length: 8 minutes       Keywords: Feet FootWorship Blonde Young Cambrey GirlyDommes CambreySage Addison MasturbationInstruction POV sp148

preview -
Stripper Mummy Boy Reward
It is the end of the night and you want a back room mummy foot, ass and armpit worship session from your favorite stripper. She decides to let you, she makes you worship and clean her sweaty mummy armpit, ass and feet and makes you call her momma.

Year: 2011    Length: 13 minutes       Keywords: Armpits Feet ArmpitWorship SweatyArmpits FootWorship AssWorship Holly HollyWebster Young GirlyDommes POV MasturbationInstruction sp147

preview -
My Little Faggot Boy
You want to worship Holly`s socks, feet, breasts and ass? First you have to smell and worship HIS feet, you little faggot!!!

Year: 2011    Length: 9 minutes       Keywords: FootHumiliation ForcedBi Humiliation Holly HollyWebster Young GirlyDommes Feet Socks AssWorship POV FootWorship Worship sp146

preview -
Mommies Feet
You are 18 but you still love your step mommies feet. She makes you stare, sniff, watch and rub her smelly stocking covered and bare feet while you jack your cock for her. Since you are such a good boy she has a big surprise for you at the end.

Year: 2011    Length: 10 minutes       Keywords: FootWorship Pantyhose-Stockings MasturbationInstruction Holly HollyWebster Young GirlyDommes POV sp145

preview -
The Most Disgusting Foot Humiliation MI Clip Ever
See what you have to go through to get a glimpse of her perfect feet.

Year: 2011    Length: 12 minutes       Keywords: Blonde Helena HelenaStrong Cuckold Feet FootHumiliation FootWorship Young GirlyDommes POV Humiliation MasturbationInstruction Worship sp144

preview -
Let`s Take this Nasty Spit Covered Pig Out With Our Feet
Two girls realize they are dating the same guy and give him what he deserves. They cover him with spit, humiliate him and try to take him out with their gorgeous feet.

Year: 2010    Length: 8 minutes       Keywords: Blonde Ryen RyenRyder Smothering Helena HelenaStrong Humiliation Feet FootHumiliation GirlyDommes Young Spitting FootWorship Spit sp143

preview -
Sexy Foot Focus MI with Optional CE Ending
Sexy foot tease and masturbation instruction. You see all angles of Honey`s perfect feet in her glittery foot jewelry. She also shows off her perfect ass while she counts you down to cum all over her perfect feet. (Optional Cum Eating Ending)

Year: 2010    Length: 6 minutes       Keywords: FootWorship Humiliation CumEatingInstruction FootHumiliation Honey HoneyWhite MasturbationInstruction Feet Pornstar POV AssWorship Worship sp142

preview -
Mommy`s Bloomers Sweaty Feet and Armpits for the Wanker Boy
You are caught spying on Mommy and her friends sweaty feet. She catches you shows off for you in her bloomers and makes you take them put them on and wank for her in and through the bloomers while you sniff their SWEATY FEET AND ARMPITS.

Year: 2009    Length: 6 minutes       Keywords: Young ArmpitWorship Eris Diana Humiliation GirlyDommes Feet FootWorship FootHumiliation MasturbationInstruction POV sp137

preview -
Feast For A King LOSER (Part 3 of 3: Spit Fest and More)
The feast continues with tons of spit, foot skin, eyebrows, trampling and smothering.

Year: 2009    Length: 11 minutes       Keywords: Young Eris Diana GirlyDommes Worship Spit Spitting Smothering Humiliation FootWorship FootHumiliation Feet Trampling sp136

preview -
Feast For A King LOSER (Part 2 of 3: Giant Boogers and More)
Slave is forced to endure more from these two goddesses : Skin flakes, Chin hair, his own, A GIANT BOOGER, Ass hair, Leg hair, Tooth paste spittle, Eyebrows, Toe Nails, Armpit hair, Ear wax and Toothpaste followed by garlic pizza sauce.

Year: 2009    Length: 13 minutes       Keywords: Young Eris Diana GirlyDommes Worship Spit Spitting Smothering Humiliation FootWorship FootHumiliation Feet Trampling sp135

preview -
Feast For A King LOSER (Part 1 of 3: The Party Begins)
The girls throw him to the ground and he is trampled, slapped and forced to endure: Spit, Garlic pizza sauce, Earwax and snot on a q-tip, Toenail filings,Heel skin, Foot callous shavings and eyebrows

Year: 2009    Length: 12 minutes       Keywords: Young Eris Diana GirlyDommes Worship Spit Spitting Smothering Humiliation FootWorship FootHumiliation Feet Trampling sp134

preview -
Sunday Morning Hockers and More
She coats him in spit, food spit, tramples him, smothers him with her perfect feet and forces him to clean them off shoving them deep in his mouth all while humiliating him for being the complete loser that he is.

Year: 2009    Length: 13 minutes       Keywords: Spitting Spit Caroline CarolinePierce Pornstar Humiliation FootWorship FootHumiliation Feet sp133

preview -
Black Boot Masturbation Instruction
Moxxie looks amazing in her tall patent leather boots. She has you worship them as your jack your cock to her in them, then gives you a countdown to cum all over them. After the end she has you lick all your cum off them.

Year: 2009    Length: 6 minutes       Keywords: BootFetish Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Feet FootWorship Humiliation MasturbationInstruction Pornstar POV Worship sp132

preview -
Bratty Kitchen Foot and Ass Worship
All foot and ass worship.

Year: 2009    Length: 5 minutes       Keywords: AssWorship Nina Feet FootWorship GirlyDommes Humiliation NinaEstes Young sp131

preview -
Small Cock Foot Job Masturbation Instruction
SPH Foot Masturbation instruction with a long countdown to cum.

Year: 2009    Length: 6 minutes       Keywords: Feet Eris MasturbationInstruction POV Young GirlyDommes FootWorship FootHumiliation GirlyDommes Humiliation sp128

preview -
SPH Toe Job Humiliation Masturbation Instruction
Pure SPH humiliation WITH FOOT FOCUS. TOE JOB Masturbation instruction with a COUNTDOWN.

Year: 2009    Length: 4 minutes       Keywords: Blonde MasturbationInstruction Heidi HeidiMayne Feet FootHumiliation FootWorship GirlyDommes Humiliation POV Pornstar Young sp126

preview -
Wanker Caught Blackmailed Foot Ass Sock Cum Eating Instruction
Honey makes you do a variety of humiliating things. She counts you down to cum then tells you exactly where to cum and EXACTLY how to eat it.

Year: 2009    Length: 8 minutes       Keywords: AssWorship Feet FootWorship Honey HoneyWhite Humiliation MasturbationInstruction Pornstar POV Socks sp125

preview -
Size 11 Face Violation and Suffocation
Heidi teases and violates your and slave face with her size 11 giant feet. She cuts off all the air, shoves her giant feet down the throat and up the nose.

Year: 2009    Length: 5 minutes       Keywords: Feet FootHumiliation Humiliation GirlyDommes Young Smothering FootWorship POV Pornstar Heidi HeidiMayne Blonde sp124

preview -
A Foot Voyers Dream MI
Holly tells you to jack off to her feet as she describes what she could do to your cock with her feet. She teases you about a footjob as she shows you how she would do it and makes you keep stroking your cock.

Year: 2009    Length: 4 minutes       Keywords: Feet MasturbationInstruction FootWorship Holly Young POV Humiliation GirlyDommes sp122

preview -
Wrong House (Forced Armpit Ass And Foot Worship)
Slave found the `wrong house` all he wanted was a quick sniff of a womans feet and ended up with a whole lot more to sniff. Heavy FOOT, ARMPIT, and ASS forced sniffing and smothering.

Year: 2008    Length: 7 minutes       Keywords: Mistress Delilah FootWorship FootStink/FootHumiliation AssWorship ArmpitWorship FaceSitting Feet ArmpitHumiliation Smothering sp121

preview -
Worship Goddess Veronica`s Feet
Foot worship.

Year: 2008    Length: 6 minutes       Keywords: POV Veronica VeronicaJett FootWorship Feet Young GirlyDommes Pornstar sp120

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For all customer service issues including cancellations please contact us


Note that Chrome does not properly support modern HTML5 media player controls

We recommend using the Firefox browser on all platforms

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