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Hot Lesbian Armpit Fuckers Sexy Masturbation Instruction
Smelly Armpit Jack off, Armpit Fucking Worship, Tease and Masturbation Instruction with a countdown and you cumming all over their sweaty armpits. Very Hot Clip!

Year: 2013    Length: 11 minutes       Keywords: Armpits Regina Helena HelenaStrong POV MasturbationInstruction ArmpitWorship Futa Young GirlyDommes sp156

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Six Smelly Armpits Humiliation Masturbation Instruction
Smelly Armpit Jack off, Worship, Tease and Humiliation.

Year: 2013    Length: 8 minutes       Keywords: MasturbationInstruction POV Humiliation Armpits ArmpitWorship Charlot CharlotHarlot LucyStardust Lucy CandyLeBra Candy sp155

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Stroke it To My Hairy Pits
Helena grew her armpit hair out for this shoot. She wants you to put your nose smack up in her hairy armpit and jack your cock to it.

Year: 2012    Length: 10 minutes       Keywords: Armpits POV ArmpitWorship Helena HelenaStrong MasturbationInstruction Blonde Young GirlyDommes sp152

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Training the Lazy Stepfather
Veronica can`t believe her mother married a complete loser slob. She walks in on her stepfather reading porn sitting in a filthy mess and takes control. She forces him to worship her feet and armpits, then teases his cock only to deny him.

Year: 2012    Length: 33 minutes       Keywords: Feet FootWorship BootWorship OrgasmDenial Armpits ArmpitWorship ArmpitHumiliation FootHumiliation Veronica VeronicaJett Pornstar Young Socks GirlyDommes Humiliation sp151

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Stripper Mummy Boy Reward
It is the end of the night and you want a back room mummy foot, ass and armpit worship session from your favorite stripper. She decides to let you, she makes you worship and clean her sweaty mummy armpit, ass and feet and makes you call her momma.

Year: 2011    Length: 13 minutes       Keywords: Armpits Feet ArmpitWorship SweatyArmpits FootWorship AssWorship Holly HollyWebster Young GirlyDommes POV MasturbationInstruction sp147

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A Smelly Hairy Armpit Lovers Dream
Smelly Hairy Armpit Jack off, Worship and Tease. Great.

Year: 2009    Length: 10 minutes       Keywords: ArmpitWorship Eris Young GirlyDommes POV sp141

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You Disgusting Piece of Shit Get in Our Nasty Sweaty Wet Pits MI
You are a pervert wanker busted spying up in a tree spying on two sweaty girls exercising. They pull you down and make you sniff their pits. They notice your nasty cock is hard. They make you jack it as they force your face in their pits

Year: 2009    Length: 3 minutes       Keywords: Blonde Humiliation SweatyArmpits ArmpitHumiliation GirlyDommes Eris MasturbationInstruction Young POV Veronica VeronicaMoon ArmpitWorship sp140

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Armpit Orgy
All armpit worship and teasing with 3 sexy girls.

Year: 2009    Length: 4 minutes       Keywords: ArmpitWorship Eris Honey HoneyWhite Beth POV Blonde Young Pornstar sp139

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The Only Two Girl Armpit MI You Will Ever Need
Two blondes make you jack your cock as you worship their armpits. One with extremely hairy and the other smooth shaven. Then they count you down to cum right in their pits.

Year: 2009    Length: 4 minutes       Keywords: ArmpitWorship Eris Georgie Blonde GirlyDommes MasturbationInstruction Young POV sp138

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Mommy`s Bloomers Sweaty Feet and Armpits for the Wanker Boy
You are caught spying on Mommy and her friends sweaty feet. She catches you shows off for you in her bloomers and makes you take them put them on and wank for her in and through the bloomers while you sniff their SWEATY FEET AND ARMPITS.

Year: 2009    Length: 6 minutes       Keywords: Young ArmpitWorship Eris Diana Humiliation GirlyDommes Feet FootWorship FootHumiliation MasturbationInstruction POV sp137

preview -
The Only Armpit Masturbation Instruction You Will Ever Need
Eris catches you looking at her in her office after she notices her armpits are wet with sweat. She then makes you jack off to her `stinky sweaty armpits`. She then gives you a countdown to cum while your face is right in her armpit.

Year: 2009    Length: 7 minutes       Keywords: GirlyDommes Eris Blonde Humiliation ArmpitWorship MasturbationInstruction POV Young Worship sp127

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Stench Worship/Cleaner Slave
Caroline has the tool sniff her very smelly, sweaty armpits, ass and feet. Since he complained she makes him clean out her sweaty pits with his tongue.

Year: 2009    Length: 8 minutes       Keywords: Feet FootHumiliation Caroline CarolinePierce ArmpitWorship ArmpitHumiliation Humiliation AssWorship Pornstar sp123

preview -
Wrong House (Forced Armpit Ass And Foot Worship)
Slave found the `wrong house` all he wanted was a quick sniff of a womans feet and ended up with a whole lot more to sniff. Heavy FOOT, ARMPIT, and ASS forced sniffing and smothering.

Year: 2008    Length: 7 minutes       Keywords: Mistress Delilah FootWorship FootStink/FootHumiliation AssWorship ArmpitWorship FaceSitting Feet ArmpitHumiliation Smothering sp121

preview -
Pit licker Clip
Jason is caught sniffing panties and is forced to sniff and clean taylor`s sweaty armpits.

Year: 2008    Length: 2 minutes       Keywords: ArmpitWorship Taylor ArmpitHumiliation Mistress sp113

preview -
Armpit Attack
Kimberly is working out in her living room when her friend walks in making a snide comment about her weight followed by a comment about how bad she smelled. That was is, this clip is entirely forced pit sniffing, cleaning, and smothering.

Year: 2008    Length: 4 minutes       Keywords: ArmpitWorship ArmpitHumiliation Smothering Kimberly Blonde Young GirlyDommes sp112

preview -
Young Stinky Pits
Mistress Heather has a personal moment as she realizes her armpits are absolutely offensive. Come and join in her experience up close.

Year: 2008    Length: 4 minutes       Keywords: Heather GirlyDommes MistressHeather ArmpitHumiliation ArmpitWorship POV Young sp092

preview -
Dumpster Armpit Cleaning & Worship
Here Kayla gets her sweaty armpits worshipped and cleaned.

Year: 2008    Length: 4 minutes       Keywords: Kayla KaylaKam KaylaQuinn ArmpitWorship ArmpitHumiliation Public Pornstar sp084

preview -
This Is What You Get Nasty Armpit Worship and Smother
Because he does nothing all day long while she`s at work, Cheyenne makes her worthless boyfriend lick and clean her nasty armpits.

Year: 2007    Length: 4 minutes       Keywords: ArmpitWorship Cheyenne CheyenneHunter Smothering ArmpitHumiliation Pornstar sp081

preview -
Tag Team Forced Pit Sniffing
Maya and Taylor`s shower is broken and they have been working out all afternoon. They decide to have some fun with their houseboy and force him to smell their nasty, sweaty, smelly armpits. All forced double armpit sniffing.

Year: 2008    Length: 7 minutes       Keywords: Young Maya MayaHills Taylor ArmpitWorship ArmpitHumiliation Blonde GirlyDommes Pornstar Mistress sp066

preview -
Sniff That Smelly Pit
Goddess Veronica forces her slave to sniff her armpits.

Year: 2008    Length: 2 minutes       Keywords: ArmpitHumiliation VeronicaJett ArmpitWorship GirlyDommes Veronica Pornstar Young sp062

preview -
Veronica`s POV Pit Stink Worship
Goddess Veronica in a POV worship clip shot after a long day so she is properly stinky.

Year: 2008    Length: 4 minutes       Keywords: VeronicaJett Veronica ArmpitWorship GirlyDommes Young Pornstar POV sp060

preview -
Pitsniffing Persuasion
Taylor uses her persuasion to end up tying up and making a job applicant sniff her armpits.

Year: 2008    Length: 2 minutes       Keywords: Taylor ArmpitWorship ArmpitHumiliation Mistress sp059

preview -
Sweet Pitsniffer
A very mean and dominant Beth Sweet rides her pitslave.

Year: 2008    Length: 2 minutes       Keywords: Beth BethSweet ArmpitWorship ArmpitHumiliation Blonde sp057

preview -
Dogboy The Pit Sniffer
Mistress Sinnamon borrows Dogboy for the afternoon from Mistress Sienna and gets her armpits sniffed, licked and worshiped by the best Dogboy pitsniffer in town.

Year: 2008    Length: 5 minutes       Keywords: Pantyhose/Stockings Sinnamon ArmpitWorship ArmpitHumiliation Young GirlyDommes Pornstar sp049

preview -
Dogboy`s Forced Armpit Sniff
Mistress Sienna forces her dogboy to sniff every inch of her sweaty armpits. He is trapped in a stockade while she forces his face in her pits.

Year: 2008    Length: 3 minutes       Keywords: Sienna ArmpitWorship Olivia OliviaSaint Pornstar ArmpitHumiliation sp047

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For all customer service issues including cancellations please contact us


Note that Chrome does not properly support modern HTML5 media player controls

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