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Gloves and Gowns in the River!
Ariel and Jayce wear luxury gowns and gloves on a beautiful day, drenched in the River!
Year: 2018    Length: 8 minutes       Keywords: ariel jayce wetlook gowns gloves hosiery

Velour Sweats in the Pool + Change Clothes!
Ariel takes a dip in the pool wearing a matching pink velour sweatsuit from Victoria`s Secret Pink! She loves the color change from light to dark & how clingy it gets. She changes into a pair of baggy VS Pink sweatpants & a black velour hoodie too!
Year: 2018    Length: 8 minutes       Keywords: pool velour sweatsuit sweatpants sweatshirt hoodie topless ariel blonde socks vspink pink victoriassecret juicycouture juicy

Dixie and Jayce`s Sexy Country Girl Swim!
Jayce and Dixie play in the pool in jeans, mid drift flannel tops, belts and bare feet!! Kentucky Bred Country Girls!
Year: 2018    Length: 8 minutes       Keywords: jayce dixie wetlook pool jeans bare feet

Swimming in Nike Pegasus & Sport Shorts
Ariel goes for a swim in the condo pool wearing her gym clothes - black Reebok running shorts, a black sports bra, white Victoria`s Secret tank top, new white ankle socks & blue Nike Pegasus shoes. She also takes her shoes off & swims in her white socks.
Year: 2018    Length: 7 minutes       Keywords: pool ariel reebok nike sneakers shoes trainers tennisshoes shorts athleticwear tanktop victoriassecret sportsbra socks whitesocks anklesocks

Nikko & Naomi Shower Together in Dresses!
Nikko`s last Wetlook Video Starring Naomi! Dresses, Heels, stockings and Hosiery in the Shower!!
Year: 2018    Length: 8 minutes       Keywords: wetlook dresses stockings garters hosiery

Gowns Gloves and Hosiery at the Pool Party!
The girls are dressed beautifully in gowns, long gloves and hosieryat their pool party! The fall in!
Year: 2018    Length: 5 minutes       Keywords: jayce ariel wetlook gowns pool hosiery gloves

Public Wetlook in the Ohio River! Mini Dress Nylons Heels!
Ariel gets wet in public on the banks of the Ohio River! In a sexy, clingy little strapless dress, tan stockings, white panties & red stilettos! So many nip slips as the water pulls her dress down! She even loses a shoe to the current!
Year: 2018    Length: 7 minutes       Keywords: public river dress nylons stockings hosiery heels stilettos panties whitepanties ariel topless nipslip strapless brunette outdoors outside

Lingerie & Stockings & Heels in the Jacuzzi
Ariel enjoys a soak in the hotel jacuzzi tub in sexy lingerie! She`s wearing beautiful cream colored stockings w/ backseams & lace tops! Her gown is white & silky & she wears no bra! Her white gstring is sheer. White hot sexy Ariel in the jacuzzi!
Year: 2018    Length: 9 minutes       Keywords: heels stilettos ariel white lingerie heels stockings nylons hosiery thighhighs holdups backseams lace vintage gown dress braless thong gstring dunking

Jayce Gets Off In The Hotel Tub! Uses A Vibrator In Sexy Outfit!
Jayce gets wet at the hotel! She gets in the heart shaped tub in a sexy little outfit: thong panties, stiletto heels & a sexy black jacket. She gets it wet & plays w/ a vibrator, does a head dunk while masturbating! She cums in her sexy wet outfit!
Year: 2018    Length: 12 minutes       Keywords: jayce jacuzzi tub vibrator masturbation sextoy jacket thong panties stilettos heels

Jayce Hops The Fences Swim In Hotel Pool!
Jayce wants to go swimming while on vacation, she wants to swim in the hotel pool with all of her clothes on! She wears black shorts, a white t-shirt w/ no bra and Vans canvas sneakers and swims & dunks in the pool.
Year: 2018    Length: 5 minutes       Keywords: pool hotel vans sneakers shoes canvassneakers shorts blouse shirt braless jayce brunette outdoors outside public swim

Jayce Wets Sheer White Shirt w/ Black Bra
Jayce gets sexy in the tub wearing a sheer white cotton tshirt w/ black bra! Her shirt gets completely see-thru! She also wears a floral pencil skirt & knee socks
Year: 2018    Length: 12 minutes       Keywords: jayce bath sheer white tshirt skirt socks brunette bra

Dixie Showers in her New Wetlook Dress!
Sweet Dixie went shopping & saw a dress that she thought would be perfect for her to wear in the shower & she brought it to her shoot with us! Of course we let her take a shower in it! The color change is beautiful, it`s shiny & looks hot on her big booty
Year: 2018    Length: 6 minutes       Keywords: dixie dress barefoot amateur gown

Jayce Gives A Blowjob + Cum Shot on her Leotard!
Jayce & her boyfriend take a fully clothed shower together! She`s in a red leotard & black tights. They get wet while he rubs all over her body then she pulls his cock out of his pants and sucks it until he cums on her leotard
Year: 2018    Length: 13 minutes       Keywords: blowjob bj jayce leotard tights pantyhose legwarmers cumshot shower

Wet & Soapy Topless Levi`s Shampooing Hair!
Ariel & Jayce getting wet & soapy while shampooing their hair topless in the shower! They cut off their tank tops, fill their pockets w/ shower gel, shampoo their hair & let the suds flow everywhere!
Year: 2018    Length: 22 minutes       Keywords: levis jeans belt topless tanktop shower soap suds showergel shampoo shampooing hairwashing cellphone phone

Ariel Showers in Leggings and Nikes
Ariel gets in the shower to get wet in her black polo shirt, black crop leggings and gray Nike sneakers. She rips up her polo shirt and puts on a gray raglan tee and gets it soaked too! Then she rips up her raglan tee!
Year: 2018    Length: 14 minutes       Keywords: ripping cutting tshirt raglantee leggings nikes sneakers trainers shoes ariel shower

Topless Hair Washing in Jeans!
Jayce & Ariel wear nothing but their Levi`s jeans & belts in the shower for a soapy hair washing session! They soak their jeans & wash their hair and then change into a second pair of Levi`s for more soaping!
Year: 2018    Length: 23 minutes       Keywords: jeans shampoo hairwashing topless ariel jayce belt suds lather shower

Wet Hair Flowing Over My Face! Lots Of Head Dunks!
I wear a nice dress while surrounded by 10 buckets of water! 1 by 1 I head dunk in each bucket and come up with my long hair flowing over my face, then pour each bucket over my head! This video is all about the head dunks and wet hair flowing over my face
Year: 2018    Length: 14 minutes       Keywords: headdunking headdunk hair ariel dress flats shoes buckets hairoverface

Soaking & Ripping My Pretty Red Blouse & Pantyhose!
Ariel gets wet in the tub wearing a pretty red blouse with black pantyhose & dressy shorts. She enjoys getting wet in her clothes and then cuts and rips her outfit to shreds!
Year: 2018    Length: 17 minutes       Keywords: blouse silk satin pantyhose tights hosiery nylons cutting ripping shredding clothingdestruction

Silk Blouse Masturbation Cutting Ripping!
Ariel wears a pretty blue satin blouse, red pencil skirt, sheer pantyhose & black slingback heels in the tub! She uses her Hitachi vibrator to cum, then cuts & rips her outfit to shreds!
Year: 2018    Length: 15 minutes       Keywords: satin masturbation blouse skirt ariel heels pantyhose tights hosiery cutting ripping

Ariel Cums in Pink VS Sport Leggings
Ariel gets drenched in dark pink Victoria`s Secret Sport leggings & a lavendar VS Pink tank top. She uses ice cubes to wet her nipples & she uses her Hitachi to make herself cum!
Year: 2018    Length: 13 minutes       Keywords: leggings ariel masturbation hitachi orgasm tanktop barefoot braless nipslip

Yoga Gear Swim w/ Ariel Dixie & Nikko!
These 3 sexy women are going to swim in their crop leggings & tank tops, all 3 w/ bikinis under their clothes! Dixie gets tossed in wearing her yoga gear! Nikko gets pushed in more than once! They strip to bikinis & Ariel & Nikko have a twerk off poolside
Year: 2018    Length: 9 minutes       Keywords: ariel dixie nikko public pool niko leggings yoga tanktop bikini swimwear blonde brunette asian piercings barefoot victoriassecret pink vspink longhair push pushin swimming swim

3 Girls In A Tub! White Pants Blouses Footwear!
3 hot women sharing a bath tub! Ariel Jayce and Nikko are all in white pants and white panties. Jayce wears a polo shirt! They have on different types of footwear - heels and sneakers! They do head dunking in the water! The 3 of them get cozy and sexy!
Year: 2018    Length: 9 minutes       Keywords: ariel jayce nikko whitepants whitejeans white blouse polo poloshirt shirt heels stilettos sneakers trainers tennisshoes shoes asian longhair dunk dunking

Dixie Double Feature! Jeans + Khakis!
2 Sexy Dixie videos rolled into 1! The first scene is Dixie & Jayce in the hotel pool in jeans/khaki pants & white shirts. The second is solo Dixie in jeans & a white crop top & yellow bra swimming in the hotel pool!
Year: 2018    Length: 13 minutes       Keywords: dixie jayce pool jeans khakis tshirt thong blonde amateur croptop swim

4 Girl Crop Top & Jeans Pool Party & We Throw Nikko In!
It`s a pool party with 4 girls in the hotel pool! They all wear jeans & crop tops, + barefoot, socks, converse and nikes! They snatch Nikko up and toss her in the pool by her wrists & ankles! They all swim, change crop tops, swim & show off on the ladder
Year: 2018    Length: 8 minutes       Keywords: ariel jayce dixie nikko jeans croptop sneakers shoes socks barefoot nikes nike converse cons brunette blonde pool public shirt

Sucking Dick in the Tub!
Jayce gives a blowjob in the bath tub! She`s wearing cute panties and sucking dick, then gets her face cum on!
Year: 2017    Length: 5 minutes       Keywords: blowjob bj jayce panties topless bath

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