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fetish preview - archives.eewetlook.com
Tape 2000-D scene 6 Machteld and Marlies - tws-132-1533
12:51 min. movie (improved quality) of Machteld and Marlies jumping over and into a muddy ditch. Both are wearing jeans and shoes, Machteld with a leather jacket over a longsleeve, Marlies with a sweater over a longsleeve.

fetish preview - divineselene.com
Heart beat while lying 4 different ways. - vdo-365-0183
We wanted to see if lying in different ways effects her heart and PVC`s. She starts on her back, then her front and then both sides.

fetish preview - divineselene.com
Self pleasure with her vibe double orgasm. - vdo-365-0185
She brings herself to orgasm twice with her vibrator. Her heart rate really picks up a lot each time she approaches orgasm.

fetish preview - archives.eewetlook.com
Tape 2000-D scene 5 Linde and Rania - tws-132-1532
17:52 min. movie (improved quality) of Linde and Rania at the muddy lakeshore wearing jeans, shirts and sweater/jacket. They take their upper layers off and clean themselves in the lake afterwards.

fetish preview - divineselene.com
Ultrasound of fast heart looking for PVC`s. - vdo-365-0184
We look to capture PVC`s with the ultrasound after she has done cardio exercise.

fetish preview - divineselene.com
Capturing PVC`s on the ECG after cardio. - vdo-365-0186
The ECG readings are very strong, clear and precise in this video. She does cardio before each scene starts so her heart goes from racing to slow. PVC`s are captured along the way.

fetish preview - rawhd.slapstickstuff.com
Slapstick Stuff HDRAW Scene 2 Wide - tws-307-1876
Unedited HD footage from the Wide angle of Scene 2 of SS287.

fetish preview - dl.messygirlvideos.com
Don`t Press the Button - tws-75-1336
Dakota has to deal with an endless amount of cream slime as she tries to take bath

fetish preview - hd.slapstickstuff.com
SlapstickStuff Scene 2 Deluxe - tws-306-0671
For you art-film lovers: It`s the Deluxe version of S2 with a bonus `black-and-white` edit! Also contains the normal Scene 2 + Outtakes in full color, so don`t buy both!

fetish preview - dl.messygirlvideos.com
Pie Trivia - tws-75-1335
Celeste and Penelope play Pie Trivia

fetish preview - hd.slapstickstuff.com
Anastasia Bundle! - tws-306-0672
Both scenes from Anastasia`s solo SS287 volume... in one cheap bundle! Also includes the `black-and-white` edit of S2 as a bonus. Buy and save!

fetish preview - rawhd.slapstickstuff.com
Slapstick Stuff HDRAW Scene 2 Medium - tws-307-1875
Unedited HD footage from the Medium angle of Scene 2 of SS287.

fetish preview - rawhd.slapstickstuff.com
Slapstick Stuff HDRAW Scene 2 Close - tws-307-1874
Unedited HD footage from the Close angle of Scene 2 of SS287.