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0602 Listens To Her Own Heartbeat - vdo-364-2523
She listens to her own heartbeat with the Jabes and a regular steth.

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0601 And 0600 Steth Each Other Sitting And Standing - vdo-364-2522
Two girls listen to each other`s heartbeats while they are standing and sitting next to each other.

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0599 Slight Visible Neck Chest Belly Pulse Sitting And Lying - vdo-364-2521
She has some slighty visible neck, chest and belly pulsation while she is lying down and sitting.

update from
0598 And 0597 Fast Hearts After Bike Ride Comparison - vdo-364-2520
Listen to both of their fast hearts after they finish bike workout.

update from
Bubble Butt Gum Tease - vdo-125-1844
Your girlfriend has a surprise for you!

update from
Little Annie Belly Stuffer - vdo-125-1843
Annie eats and drinks a ton until she notices her flat belly starting to grow a. She freaks out at the possible bad things that can happen from gaining weight and then catches you watching her.

update from
Riley awesome breath holds cam a. - vdo-291-0618
Judging by this first video she`s going to be a champion breath holder. She gets really nice long contractions for a first video and a best time of about 3 minutes. Nice visible pulse on left side of chest.

update from
Riley awesome breath holds cam b. - vdo-291-0619
Everything about this video is hot for breath holding fans. She makes beautiful faces while fighting and pushing through the contractions and her abs and ribs flex in a beautiful way. Nice heart reactions too.

update from
Riley ECG sampler with a twist. - vdo-291-0620
She rests on her back, sits up, stands up, exercises and does a standing vacuum while the ECG records her heart. She`s poised, graceful and sensual at all times making for a very sexy sampler video.

update from
Riley ECG exercise and flexibility. - vdo-291-0621
She starts out with squats to get her heart pumping harder and faster. Later in the video she does some of her contortion stretches. Nice heart audio and good readings from the machine.

update from
Gunging Monica - tws-101-0224
Monica vs Mel Redux

update from
0601 Bike Workout 180bpm - vdo-364-2519
Listen to her fast heartbeat while she is doing bike workout.

update from
0600 Bike Workout 170bpm - vdo-364-2518
Listen to her fast heartbeat while she is doing bike workout.